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Friday, April 24, 2009

My religion

On sudays I am a muslim
God comes as truth with no

On mondays I am a christian
I see his tears shedding as rain,

On tuesdays I am a Budhist
when he comes as birth and death,

On wednesdays I am an atheist
and go around
without prejudice,

On thursdays I am a gypsy
and dance with wind
around the earth

On fridays I am a Hindu
to walk and talk along with friends

On sturdays I have no time .,
as we are twinkilng
along with stars
with no words and labels
between us.


...പകല്‍കിനാവന്‍...daYdreamEr... said...

So only on saturday U r a human..!!

"On sudays I am a muslim"

Baiju said...

if you look at the mirror and smile i think you can clear your doubts about religion ,world , universe etc
you can see only your beauty nothing else find what is in ur inside first
from DNA TO SYSTEMS and life
it is possible it is impossible

R.K.Biju Kootalida said...

There is an objective reality..
"sathiyam palath"(Ravi-from khasak)
alla, onne ullooo.
congrates ......

Anonymous said...
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